Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SCA Census

I think this is an interesting initiative by the SCA... emphasizing that opinions of past members (and I qualify despite my intermittent blog here) is desired finally caught my interest. I encourage others to fill out the survey... it was quick and painless.

The entire message is reproduced below, with permission, so this is a very long post:

There is a project that impacts future of the SCA in a very real way. It is the SCA Census 2010 project.

The SCA Census 2010 Committee was asked by the Board of Directors to develop a census-level survey to help the SCA to move forward into the next decade; to identify, address and work on current issues; to gain a deeper understanding into what makes the SCA what it is today; and to delve into the reasons for joining, remaining in, and leaving the SCA.

So far we have heard from over 10,000 past and present participants, a good first step. Of these 10,000, only 1000 are folks who no longer participate in the SCA. We need to hear from you all, especially the folks that no longer actively participate. We would ask each of you, if able, reach out to those past participants who left the SCA and ask their assistance by taking this survey.

The only way we can understand what is important is by hearing from you, so please take the time to complete the survey at or

The Survey will remain open until December 1st. Once the data collection is completed, the results of this survey will be made available on the SCA 2010 Census website. Be assured that the survey data collected or published will remain completely anonymous and will not be sold or shared beyond this survey's purpose. You will never be asked for information that will identify you.

If you would like to learn more about the SCA 2010 Census, if you have questions or ideas about the project, please contact the committee at

With your help we can create an SCA which will last another 4 decades.


Erik Langhans, Director, SCA Inc.

(Sir Modius von Mergentheim, KSCA, OL, OP)

On Behalf of the SCA 2010 Census Committee

Breakdown by Kingdom

Approx. 10,000 completed surveys

363 Æthelmearc

Member Participants 269

Non Member Participants 40

Not Current Participants 54

823 Ansteorra

Member Participants 541

Non Member Participants 119

Not Current Participants 163

1079 An Tir

Member Participants 767

Non Member Participants 155

Not Current Participants 157

170 Artemisia

Member Participants 124

Non Member Participants 27

Not Current Participants 19

424 Atenveldt

Member Participants 304

Non Member Participants 46

Not Current Participants 74

824 Atlantia

Member Participants 581

Non Member Participants 99

Not Current Participants 144

597 Caid

Member Participants 432

Non Member Participants 76

Not Current Participants 89

444 Calontir

Member Participants 326

Non Member Participants 59

Not Current Participants 59

336 Drachenwald

Member Participants 241

Non Member Participants 57

Not Current Participants 38

284 Ealdormere

Member Participants 174

Non Member Participants 37

Not Current Participants 73

847 East

Member Participants 555

Non Member Participants 135

Not Current Participants 157

220 Gleann Abhann

Member Participants 171

Non Member Participants 25

Not Current Participants 24

555 Lochac

Member Participants 388

Non Member Participants 87

Not Current Participants 80

498 Meridies

Member Participants 345

Non Member Participants 80

Not Current Participants 73

839 Middle

Member Participants 589

Non Member Participants 101

Not Current Participants 149

493 Northshield

Member Participants 297

Non Member Participants 44

Not Current Participants 152

343 Outlands

Member Participants 244

Non Member Participants 54

Not Current Participants 45

344 Trimaris

Member Participants 251

Non Member Participants 43

Not Current Participants 50

496 West

Member Participants 343

Non Member Participants 85

Not Current Participants 68

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.