Thursday, August 18, 2005

Upcoming Projects

Back in the mid 1990s, I had the notion that there ought to be a dictionary of SCA slang and jargon for the Middle Kingdom, so I wrote one. I even had it checked out by the kingdom seneschal of the day, who pronounced it good and made several suggestions for additions or changes. It's quite a long document, and I have to say that I had a very good time compiling it.

Well, it's never seen publication. First I was going to self-publish, then I thought about interesting Folump Enterprises or some such publisher, then by 2000 or so I was thinking of just putting it on the web, perhaps at Master Daffyd, the web minister, thought it was a good idea. But between one thing and another, the project has languished, about 98% complete. I've seen similar projects, but I think mine is better and more complete.

Now, I think I'd like to host the thing at or on a web page that can be linked to from here (actually, both). The project requires some work to get into html format, and should be up during the fall. I'll try to work on it after classes at Baker are done and before the fall term starts in late September.

The only place the definitions have ever seen print is in the Storm Warning, where I and then Bronwyn of Brightoaks published various definitions over the years.

Otherwise, I'm hoping to have my various other articles and future projects linked here for general perusal. There is also a new members guide, an organizational history for Stormvale, an unfinished operational handbook for the branch, an article on armorial law, and an article on flags and banners, for starters.

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