Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stormvale Awards

Several awards have been made to Stormvale members in recent weeks:

Vikings Come Home, Donnershafen:

A'isha al-Zarqa, Order of the Willow

Crown Tourney:

Andrew Fowler, Award of the Acorn
Eron Crowfford, Order of the Willow (this is a mistake, she is already a member)
Maryska of Stormvale, Award of the Purple Fret

Lady Femke, the Regional Signet, was kind enough to pick up the scrolls at Crown. None of our awardees were present at either event. This might be a good time to remind those making award nominations that it is not the best practice to make award nominations for specific events unless you're reasonably sure there's a good chance that the nominee will be there to be recognized. Right now, Stormvale members go to Pentamere events and Pennsic for the most part.

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Anonymous said...

Just to add to the list. Maya of Talonvale got a willow also. I know she is well liked in our shire.

Yes the willow for Eron is a mistake but the other willow she had before cannot be found on the OP. So they likely assumed she should have a Willow before the evergreen, I know many people were recommending her for this.
We need to get all her names and awards under one title/name.

As for attending events. I have to take issue with this. For starters, the current Royals have zero events scheduled for the rest of their time on the throne outside of Illinois.
Next, while we can guess what events people may attend its rare that people attend events AND there is a royal court. So I asked around and people told me to just put down events that Royals will attend and hope people can make events.
I do not know what to do here really. I would like to see our shire get awards they deserve but I do not want to wait for the planets to align for the royals and for the award winners to be in the same place.

This may be something to bring up at a revel sometime in the future.