Monday, July 06, 2009

From the Department of Much-Delayed Projects

Some time ago, mentioned in the dim past of the blog, I may have mentioned the notion of refurbishing my armor, in order to do some serious heavy combat once again.

Over the weekend, I unearthed all my armor and equipment, went over it with my partner in carnage, Lord Geirmundr, and made various plans. He's going to kindly cut out some shield blanks for me to paint, edge and strap (I already had a few bent); I'm going to completely refurbish the helmet and build new swords; I just ordered some thrusting tips; and tomorrow a check for a much-needed new gorget goes in the mail.

So some progress is being made at last.

Update: Oh, and photos will follow as equipment is completed.

1 comment:

Skalla Geirmundr said...

My Lord Balian,

How is this much delayed project going. Do you now have new shields for me to hit?


Skalla Geirmundr