Thursday, July 22, 2010

Writing Style

At the always interesting A Commonplace Book (my nominee for best title for a history-oriented blog, by the way - wish I'd thought of it first!) the author recently commented on and linked to I Write Like, a site which analyzes writing and suggests which famous author your style most resembles.

With some trepidation, I submitted four of the longer posts from this blog. The results:

1. Dan Brown. (Dear god. Either I should stop writing now or I need to consider a career change to writing thrillers for people with short attention spans.)
2. James Joyce. (Really, I may cry now. Must be strong.)
3. and 4. Cory Doctorow.

Who the hell is Cory Doctorow? Science fiction writer and blogger, apparently. I've never read him, and had to look him up, so I don't know what to make of that.


The Cat Bastet said...

I, too, got Cory Doctorow. Drat! I was hoping for Dorothy L. Sayers or Ray Bradbury (assuming they in the database for the program).

Breac said...

well, crap- Now I feel like a heel. I got Arthur C. Clark for a middlebridge post, and Raymond Chandler for a selection from one of my "collector" stories.

balian said...

Breac... yes, you are a heel. You are a very bad person. However, you write like Arthur C. Clarke and Raymond Chandler, so you should probably feel pretty good about yourself anyway...