Friday, October 29, 2010

The French Renaissance in Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago will host "Kings, Queens, and Courtiers: Art in Early Renaissance France" beginning in February. There is a fine article about a larger version of the exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris in the October 16 2010 edition of The Economist. The article can be found at this link. You can go here to see the page for the exhibit. The Economist says the Paris exhibit was disappointingly unfocused, but the Chicago version "promises to be more sharply focused. Not coincidentally, it will be about half the size."

While looking around the Art Institute's website, I also noted that their permanent collection of arms and armor, which is apparently not ordinarily on full display, is getting an airing in an exhibition of its own, details here.

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The Cat Bastet said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this exhibit!