Saturday, October 22, 2005

Remote Blogging

Ha! I am blogging from the Shire of Donnershafen (Traverse City)! Isn't technology wonderful?

We dropped in on Crown earlier today. Count Felix the Just won.


Anonymous said...

I am curious if this is a good or bad thing?

Do we know him at all?

Also will this be anything to worry about with the whole Iron Oak thing?

I mean one person sometime ago told me Stormvale was disbanding and that Iron Oak and others were going to take over our lands.
Now if the King is from the same area as these people, would this make it easier for them to do that to us?

I know I am likely just being a little paranoid but I am also trying to be cautious too.

Wonder if this will also play a role in other Shires or Baronies to have events on our lands without permission of anykind.

I am not trying to stir the pot. I just would like there to be at least a thought going on about what to do IF something happens.

I could be and hopefully am wrong about it all too.

MIke E.

balian said...

Hi, Mike. We know him reasonably well, and he was king just a year or so ago. We should have no difficulties.

Generally speaking, kings don't play with local politics, and I see no reason why he would want to in our case. I don't know that he even has an opinion on the topic. If he were interested, we could certainly rely on him to discover the facts without bias.