Monday, January 16, 2006

A Correction on the Award Post Below

I am informed that court no longer features the hoary old habit of asking "or someone to accept for them". What a very good idea. Instead, a reliable person is asked to see the signet after the event. Now, see, I haven't been to court in a couple of years, which makes me a bad person, as I described below!

(Actually, I'm sure I went to court the last time I went to an event that featured one, but that's been a little while, too.)

At any rate, the essential point is still valid. It should be a mild slip-up if one of our locals isn't in court to get an award, and a somewhat bigger slip-up if a reliable person (an officer or blood relative is best, the regional signet informs us) is not there right after court to claim the scroll and deliver it and the happy news to the recipient.

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