Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Progress of a Student of Arms II

Wow, long time between posts. Sorry about that, got busy with work.

A week after Founder's Day, referred to in the Nov. 13 post below, I went to the Iron Oak Toys for Tots event. First time I'd gone to a tournament in a long time, and I was looking forward to it.

It was a beautiful day, very sunny and pleasant, and there was a small field of combatants. I donned about half my armor and had moved much of my gear near the list field when I had an unexpected problem. I wear contact lenses to fight, and that is nearly the only time I trouble with the things anymore. In addition to the hassle, I now use bifocal lenses in my glasses, so contacts also require keeping reading glasses handy.

(Aside - try teaching a college class in contacts and have to resort to reading glasses when you want to look at the book. Your students snicker at you. Whippersnappers.)

Anyway, I was putting in the contacts next to the car, done it a million times before a practice or tournament, and there was a gust of wind and one of the contacts blew off my finger and disappeared. First time that had ever happened.

Now, I once forgot my contacts when I went to a practice, many, many years ago, and got my rear end kicked and didn't much enjoy it. So I was reluctant, but even more reluctant to not fight after putting half my armor on.

So I fought. It didn't go badly - I even won a bout or two. Disconcerting, and I felt as though I could have done much better. You know, if I could see what I was doing.

Next time, I'll try bringing extra contacts! Now, if I could just talk Geirmundr and Erevon into wearing contacts or sports glasses when they fight...

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