Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Updated Feast Menu for HoS VI

Well, after posting the final menu last night, I had a brainstorm, and then another. First I decided that the menu wasn't quite married up with the theme well enough and reworked it into 7 courses, 2 dishes a course, one sin per course. Then I decided it would be even better to make it seven courses, with one virtue and one sin per course. I floated it on the Stormvale discussion list last night, it got a favorable reception, and here it is:

Feast of the Seven Virtues and Sins

First Course

Diligent Bread, preferably with water
Slothful Cold Spiced Beef, which took a long time to make

Second Course

Abstinent Compound Salad, full of leafy virtue
Gluttonous Tart on Ember Day, rich and cheesy

Third Course

Lustful Apecian Carrots, for fertile diners
Chaste Fish with Sauce, food for thought

Fourth Course

Wrathful Bourbelier de Sanglier, charged with spice
Patient Broccoli with Fennel, calm and placid

Fifth Course

Prideful Pies of Paris, dinner for nobility
Humble Herb Soup, a peasant’s meal

Sixth Course - Greed

Greedy Gilded Chicken, gleaming with gold
Liberal Risotto, share it with friends!

Seventh Course - Envy

Envious Pippin Puddings, Eve’s tempting fruit
Kind Soul Cakes, to see our diners off

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