Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Artisan's Guild Begun

The Stormvale Artisan's Guild had its first meeting/workshop on Tuesday January 16th, as noted below. It went very well, with seven members attending (including one young man for his first ever SCA function of any kind, I believe). Lady Terryl showed us how to gild glass, there was a little boffer practice for the younger folk, and we sketched out the details for the charter. We had candied chestnuts and mead to celebrate the new guild! May it grow and prosper.

In coming weeks: feast gear class, class on making wooden boxes (for feast gear, for example!), Japanese bookbinding, and when I get my act together, occidental bookbinding, probably in the spring.

Terryl's workshop and space for fighting was warm, spacious and well-equipped, by the way, and it was very generous of her to provide it for our use. We immediately began an e-list for members of the guild, and I hope to have a more general web page up soon, as well.

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