Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Artisan's Guild

Stormvale members are inaugurating a Guild for the first time in many years. At one time we had an Armorer's Guild, a Troubador's Guild, a Sewing Guild (which was active for many years to one degree or another) and a Illuminator's Guild.

On Tuesday, January 16, we will have the first meeting of the Artisan's Guild at Lady Terryl MacAodhagain's home. The guild will encourage and embrace all of the arts and sciences, and biweekly meetings are intended to be more organized and focussed on getting work done than we sometimes are able to accomplish.

A note of clarification: because we are having more classes (the first one is on glass beads) does not mean that everyone is not free to come and work on whatever they wish to do. There is space for armored and rapier combat, as well.

The current rules for guilds are in the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Handbook, in chapter 10. We'll be going, I believe, for the local guild option, to report to the shire minister of arts and sciences.

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