Thursday, February 08, 2007

Medieval Cooking Sites

Skalla Geirmundr inquires about useful medieval cooking or food sites, particularly regarding food cooked in the field or on campaign. Most medieval cookbooks, of course, refer to dishes for aristocrats, but a good start would be a SCA publication called Traveling Dysshes, which discusses medieval cooking from that very perspective.

Some other favorite sites:

Gode Cookery
Medieval and Renaissance Food Hompage
Cariadoc's Miscellany
Marijah's Bibliography
Cindy Renfrow

To tell the truth, I've never explored the web for medieval cooking sites very carefully. I've got a fairly substantial collection of cookbooks and books on medieval cooking in general, and haven't come anywhere close to exhausting the possibilities there.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You, I will have to check out the Travelling Dishes book.